Myth of Lifestyle

The current craze of Life-style as, firstly, the cause of all your problems, and then, secondly the cure of all your maladies is a modernized version of the prevention-mania of modern medicine.

Prevention of cancer, heart disease, BP, diabetes, arthritis and aging is as old as medicine. All nostrums have been proposed and tried, but to no effect. So now, the accusing medical finger points at your way of living that must be at fault, and all you need to do is to set it right.

As Lewis Thomas points out in the very first chapter of his book that describes modern medicine as the youngest science, life style change is a fad, and a fiction, that has turned into a fashion. It is the surest way of regretting all your past, fearing your future, and ruining your present. The payoff is poor.               

Beer and bacon taken

In a mood of cheer

Is superior to ideal

Diet laced with fear.

Life styles are as varied as humans. No lifestyle is un-ideal for no lifestyle has proved to be ideal. So best is, avoiding any excess, enjoy your food and life. As to drinks, smoke and sex, let the wisdom of your body decide the issues.


Diseases like Cancer and Cardiac are independent of lifestyle

The number of diseases that makes up the medical lexicon is legion, but they can be broadly classified into two groups - interactional and intrinsic. 

Interactional maladies arise as a consequence of the unfavorable interaction between a human being and his or her environment - nutritive (excess or deficiency), microbial (worms, bacteria, viruses), mechanical or allergic. All the interactional diseases lend themselves to control (antibiotics in infections) or prevention (no allergens, no allergy; no cars, no car-accidents; no tubercle bacilli, no tuberculosis). Modern medicine’s golden - lettered triumphs have been in the field of interactional diseases - malnutrition mitigated, infections averted or treated, consequences of trauma minimized. 

Intrinsic diseases, as the appellation implies, are coursal ("course" with "al"-not causal), programmed in one way or another into a human being’s growth from the womb to the tomb, being the temporal signposts in the trajectory of an individual, and what is tellingly important, impervious to the march of modern medicine. The chief categories in this group are as follows:

Except for birth defects, all the other intrinsic disorders are an expression of the preprogrammed ageing of an individual. Hence it is independent of lifestyle

Few words on High Blood Pressure (HBP) and Diabetes

Both HBP and Diabetes are intrinsic in nature

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