Hridaya- Mitra Mandal (HMM) was formed in 2003 and was registered with the Asstt. Charity Commissioner Nagpur as MH-95-07, in 2007. People from various walks of life including  Doctors, Engineers, Retd. Persons, Patients & others joined the organization. Presently the Organization is having 160 Life Members. Within a few months of its formation HMM filed an application in Patent Office, Mumbai. During the past 5 years number of camps were arranged & a scientific study was undertaken during the year 2009, with the permission of "Clinical Research Ethics Committee".



Aims and Objectives of HMM

  1. Keeping in view the observations of scientific research, on the usefulness of Bottle Gourd (Lauki / Dudhi) and its benefits to human beings, HMM strive for its campaign and  spread the message on national & international levels.
  2. To help & support the research work going on Bottle Gourd.
  3. To organize different health camps, symposiums, debates, meetings, exhibitions, melas, conventions to give wide publicity to the benefits of use of  Bottle Gourd Juice at village, tahasil levels and also in towns and cities.
  4. To spread the message of usefulness of other alternatives, yoga, exercise & other natural treatments to help maintain a healthy life amongst the general public.
  5. To organize various programs in order to give mental support to the patients suffering from Heart Diseases. To inform them about the alternative treatment available, other than By-Pass surgery &  Angioplasty.             
  6. To create awareness amongst the  people as to how to keep their heart healthy by a balanced diet. Also to spread the awareness amongst the heart patients as to how they should choose their diet to improve health.
  7. To work in collaboration with NGOs as well as Semi Govt. bodies who are working in this field.
  8. To spread message that addiction to bad habits, drugs are harmful to health and hence keep away from them to lead a healthy life. To arrange various programs for the benefits of children, youth & elderly people from time to time.


Executive  Body

The body consists of one President, one Vice President, one Secretary, one Joint Secretary & one Treasurer. In addition there are ten members of the body. (Click here to see them)


History of some of our Prominent Members

Hriday Mitra Mandal pays tribute to its founder member Mr. Sohan Lal Jamna Lal on his first death anniversary (Click Here to read)


2011 Hriday Mitra Mandal Nagpur