Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Therapy


It was in early 80s Dr. Kothari’s maternal aunt aged 65 was suffering from poly-arthritis, the then research on bones and joints by Dr. Kothari and his team had suggested that vegetable alkaline juice could be useful seeing Bottle Gourd as a fairly cheap vegetable round the year, Dr. Kothari gave juice from Bottle Gourd to patients, the joint pains were quickly relieved and heaviness of heart and chest also disappeared. This pioneer experience was then extended to all cardiac patients with gratifying results.

This information came to the knowledge of Mr. Ashok Nafde from Nagpur who got this news published in local daily around August 2000. Soon it spread in many parts of Maharashtra and some other states. Having adopted it, hundreds of heart patients got relief from angina pain. To spread the message to the masses, regular programmes were conducted,  to educate people in this regard. In one such program in Nov.2002, Dr. Avinash Dorle, Retd. HOD, Pharmacy, RTM Nagpur University suggested, rather insisted that a scientific study of Lauki Juice is necessary to prove its  usefulness & acceptability. Hence on his initiative, a research was undertaken by a research scholar Dr. Jeetendra Deshpande, who worked for 4 years & got his Ph.D. in 2007. His findings were astonishing. The juice therapy results were very encouraging. It was found to be a very good "Anti- Oxidant”, which acts as a preventive measure for cardiovascular disorders and as a cardio tonic. The paper was published in peer reviewed "Indian Journal of Experimental Biology" (April 2008) . Interested viewers who like to read the research paper in full may CLICK HERE

Conclusion of the Study

Result of this study amply justifies use of L.siceraria (Bottle Gourd / Lauki) juice as a preventive measure for cardiovascular disorders. It also supports to a great extent the claims made by the group led by Dr. Manu Kothari which advices middle aged and elderly persons to use this regularly a prophylactic as well ad-curative method against cardiovascular disorders. No explanation for this influence of L. siceraria juice on cardiovascular function which was unavailable, now appears reasonable to state that L. siceraria juice influences the cardiovascular system through its antioxidant properties. The cardio tonic activity seen in for heart could also be contributory factor.

In addition to exert beneficial influence on cardiovascular activity L. siceraria juice as well as its extract it seems to be effective against other related disorders also. These disorders include hepatic disorders and immune system disorders. It appears that L. siceraria can also contribute for protection against some factors related hyperglycemia.

It remains to be examined whether therapeutic activity of L. siceraria is because of tannins or saponins or any other constituent present therein.

Further research in this field should focus isolation of active principles, studies and more exhaustive pharmacology, which could lead to systematic well-controlled clinical studies.

Update on the research of Lauki as on July 2011

Research on bottle gourd has further revealed the following:

  1. It protects liver from damage due to toxic compounds and lowers blood sugar.

  2. Lauki activates an Intracellular Protein factor called Nuclear factor Kappa B.

  3. It enhances Haemoglobin concentration in blood and influences enzymes like SGOT & SGPT

  4. Lauki enhances significantly Ejection Factor of heart in human in addition to causing lowering of Blood Pressure for transitory period.

  5. Application of grated fruit of Lauki for about thirty minutes on skin can impart brightness to skin and also render the subject calm and fresh.

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"ICMR called a meeting to discuss the toxic effects of Lauki juice on those who take it regularly for years. After discussions at length it was agreed to consider also the beneficial effects of Lauki juice on various cardiac disorders. It was found that Hriday Mitra Mandal Nagpur is the only organization working on Lauki therapy in India. It was also agreed that the toxic effects are only due to bitter fruit which is to be identified. Dr. S.K.Toteja , Chairperson of the meeting assured that ICMR will provide all possible help in identifying and finding toxic effects. This is a very positive & proud development for HMM." - Report of 11th Anniversay Meeting of Hriday Mitra Mandal

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