Bottle Gourd is not a cure for a disease but a means for living with it peacefully. It has positive influence on the strength of heart muscle cholesterol levels and BP

Rules of  administering Lauki Juice


  • Fresh Bottle Gourd about 200 - 250 gm  (unrefrigerated it remains fresh for 4-5 days)

  • Tulsi and Cilantro (Pudina) Leaves (5 - 7 pieces)

  • A piece of ginger

  • Rock Salt

  • Pepper


  • Wash the bottle gourd with cilantro, tulsi and ginger in fresh water.

  • Put the above inside your mixi / juicer / grinder containing some water. A cup of juice will be obtained.

  • Pour the juice through a sieve to remove solid particles like seeds

  • Dilute it with equal amount of  water.

  • Add salt, pepper etc. for enhancing the taste

  • Your Bottle Gourd / Lauki juice is ready -  Enjoy it. Drink the juice within  5 - 7 minutes. Do not refrigerate it


  • Daily

  • Thirty minutes from taking breakfast and after dinner

  • Patients who have been advised immediate bypass / angioplasty should take it three times i.e. thirty minutes from taking lunch also.

Warning: Never consume Bottle Gourd  (Lauki) which is bitter as it has serious side effects.

Never mix bottle gourd juice with other vegtable juices and specially the ones which are known to be bitter like Bitter Gourd (Karela)